16 December 2014
End of year celebration and reflection - St Hilda's College
Thank you very much for hosting Dave! Great to have Dave, Andrea, Rachel Mac, Victoria, Tania, Christine, Phillipa, Anne.
Well, what a session, not only did we reflect on 2014, we have set a lot of dates and events for 2015.

T@I ideas – discussing various models

Sharing in small groups;

Staff PD blogs

Google groups

Google site

Friday morning sharing sessions

Staff sharing sessions – lunchtimes

T@I – Links:
Spirals of Inquiry - Guide to the six phases
Seminar Paper on Inquiry

Carisbrook school possible to host an educamp

A possible mid year conference with the original ‘Knowledgenet group of schools’

Next educamp – trial – Thursday night 4-8pm with social to follow

Date chosen – if we get 15 definite we will run with it!

Proposal – one e-teach session on the first Thursday of each month

5 to make it a goer…

Dates for 2015:

5 March – e-teach meeting – Dave Young – inspirational video – goals or T@I - Silverstream

8 and 9 April – GAFE summit – Burnside College Christchurch - Anne to set up a Google

7 May – educamp 4-8pm (Carisbrook - tbc) 4-7pm educamp - 7-8 social tea hour
SMACKDOWN and welcome max 1 hour - 3 X 40 minutes slots.... gold coin koha...

3-4 June - Christchurch Roadie - possible visits to Breen's Intermediate, Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery and Halswell
Any chance this could be 4-5 June????

2 July – conference possible with KN cluster schools

6 August – Polytech – Phillipa Dick

3 September – ?

1 October – Ulearn15

5 November – ?

3 December – Reflection and Celebration

10 September 2014 - e-teach - Milton Primary 4-6pm Googly Goodness
Wonderful turnout with a lot of new friends!

Different ways to use Google apps for Education (GAFE)



Notes from Milton

Dreams for e-teach 2014
What is digital citizinship - ongoing focus for the year
2 meetings per term
social gatherings - allowing for catching up
realties of the classrooms - what is working, what doesn't
vast differences between schools
how do we take what we know and believe in e-learning and share this with others. eg colleagues how do we bring them on board?
promote educamps
put our e-teach member class wiki, blogs etc on
use the remaining $$ for a PD trip or visiting classrooms, conferences etc
PD for us
The digital world that our children are living in - implications for us, cybersafety, digital citizenship
kidz@conference merged with taieri e-day
Learning@schools 22 May - Bathgate Park http://www.events.core-ed.org/learning-school-roadshow
U-learn - October holidays 7th - 10th http://ulearn.core-ed.org/ulearn
North Otago - October holidays

Next meeting days
5.00 meet and meal - 6th March (possible St Clair - Claire and Caroline to confirm. Silverstream as back up venue) Dave and Andrea to lead - digital citizenship
4.00 meet and dessert - 10th April @ Milton (TBC by Angela) Angela and Anne - Modern learning environments

Educamp - 22nd March? possible Silverstream hosts if Queens is not availble

TEDX Dunedin

TED talks radio hour -